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Fruit Infused Water

Did you know that already mild dehydration can drastically lengthen your recovery time between workouts and lead to increased feeling of fatigue? If you are having a hard time drinking enough liquids while working out and are looking for a refreshing thirst quencher without the downside of excess calories, sugars, and artificial flavorings give our three delicious combinations of fruits and herbs infused water a try!

Pomegranate & Mint

Add the seeds of half a Pomegranate to your CLN Hydro Bottle fill up with water and add 5-6 washed mint leaves. Shake well!

Strawberry & Orange

Slice four strawberries and add them to your CLN Hydro Bottle.  Wash the outside of the Orange really well before slicing two slices add to the bottle too, fill up with water and shake well.

Rasberry & Rosmary

Add five raspberries to your CLN Hydro bottle. We recommend freezing your raspberries before hand so as they melt they infuse the water with a stronger raspberry flavor. Wash onesprig of fresh rosemary add it to the bottle as well and, fill it up with water. Don´t forget to stire it well.

CLN Extra Tip: Prepare the water a few hours before your workout and keep it in the fridge so the fruit and herbs get some time to profusely infuse the water. 

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