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5 Quick Questions With Axel Lundgren

Meet Axel Lundgren, our youngest CLN athlete. With a dedication rarely seen, he handles the school away from home - to never miss a training session. Only 18 years old he now sets for the Open 2017, aiming at Regionals. 

Your favourite workout music right now?

Definitely Big Sean, ”Bounce back”. Oh, and Drake of course. Love everything he does.

What are your expectations for the Open?

I have just competed in the Teen Games, in their division and with their standard. In Teen Open 2016, it was almost no difference compared with the Senior Open, it was almost as tough. But I bet big, my goal is to reach the top and thus Regionals. All in the European top 30 are awesome, so to at least reach the top 200 would make me very proud. I'm still only 18 years old.

The last thing you do before competition time?

I calm down. It may seem weird but sometimes I get too eager and end up doing something wrong, instead of keeping it to my gameplan. There’s just a lot of thoughts running through my head and to keep focus on what’s important, is what truly matters. It’s all about doing the best I can.  

Describe what cross fit means to you, 3 words.

Fulfilling, self-confidence and family.  

What are your goals in 2017?

Since it’s my first time in Senior Open, my goal is to reach top 200. And to win the French Throwdown.  

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