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Why does CLN Athletics owe a late August night a thank you - and who are the guys behind this up and coming sportswear company? Get to know the founders and take part in their exciting vision, where a wider launch internationally is coming up. 

What encouraged you to start a sportswear brand? 

In 2013, we were new to the sport of CrossFit. High on endorphins after a tough training session, the conversation fluttered into a fact we had stated a few months earlier. Design nerds as we are, we realized early that the best designed wear for the sport were both too bulky in fit and disappointing in terms of quality. We realized that we could actually do it better, due to our knowledge in design and product development.  

Why the name CLN Athletics?

Shortly after the idea was born we started to think about what name to go for. As we mentioned before, we’re both into clean design and often states: “That’s clean!” We then realized that the word is very common in the world of CrossFit (clean and jerk for example) while the idea of eating a healthy diet had just started to breakthrough. Paleo and LCHF, the trend was so clear: there was a sigh for the clean and simple. We then decided to combine it with athletics for sport, and CLN Athletics was born.                         

Describe the product developing?

We’ve had one main rule since day one: either we do it pretty damn well – or not at all. Per-Oscar Berggren has over 16 years of experience in product developing and designing at 8848 Altitude, where he also is partner. Robin Rudholm has a former car racing career and with his team at advertising agency R3, the opportunities are limitless. From producing test shorts for ourselves, to t-shirts especially requested by the friends of the CrossFit box – to a disposal of a few hundred thousand within the first year.

We get inspired by the world of fashion, rather than other sports brands. Trends, details, cuts: we are adaptive and love to try what’s new. But of course, focus is always to provide the best possible gear for the athlete. Workout wear that allows maximum movement during high intensity workout. We have short decision-making ways and in addition to the two major collections per year, we’re able to continually release smaller collections. It's amazingly fun and we're eager: this is just the beginning!

... and the brand's overall development?

We have grown organically and time has been the biggest investment. In the beginning, it was a 21-01 job: when the children fell asleep, we texted each other and sat up to work all night. Now Per-Oscar works full time as product designer and Robin with his advertising agency R3 contributes with skills and brand building, mostly through social media. The importance of beautiful pictures is major and we are forever grateful to Patrik Johäll at Superstudio in Borås who’ve always provided us in that area. Furthermore, we have deliberately chosen not to sell our products at the traditional sports chains, we stick to our e-commerce and various boxes around the country: around 30 today and we are always looking for new collaborations.

Speaking of collaborations, you work actively with team athletes and ambassadors?

That's right, it started back in 2015 when we got in touch with Lukas Högberg. He was and still is a part of the absolute elite in the sport and he fits perfectly well with CLN. It gave the brand the best possible start and we had a great cooperation. As for these days, we now collaborate with an impressive team of athletes and ambassadors, who all inspire us and our followers. A lovely team that we look forward to developing!

Describe the future of CLN Athletics! 

The core and our DNA are the CrossFit athletes. Now, however, we can see how the sport evolves: new events are added and we are percipient. In addition, we see that the products can be used to a greater extent outside the box in the future, for example during running in the forest or other high intensity workout.

2018 will be very exciting for CLN Athletics with launching in at least two more markets. Our goal is to also be seen internationally as a natural player in the high intensity training segment. The future seems bright.

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