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Open 2018 is just around the corner and our athletes are more than ready to compete! We took a short chat with Linus "The Thing" Johansson and not only did we get to know his success recipe and main goal – he also reveals his toughest competitors! 

Sum up your status right now.

Ready, excited and on top!

How about the shape compared to Open 2017?

It’s not similar at all, my drive is completely different compared to last year. All thanks to my coach Anders Fernette and running.

Describe your preparation!

It consists of a strict diet, beetroot juice and sleep.

And how about your expectations?

I do expect a better result than last year, although I’m very humble considered that it is a tough challenge.

What is your main goal during Open 2018?

To qualify for the CrossFit Games Regionals.

Name your three toughest competitors!

There’s a lot of talented guys in Sweden but I’d say that Lukas Högberg, Viktor Långsved and Alexander Elebro are three great opponents.

What do you do right before entering a competition?

I adjust my grips (if I use them) and simply try to not think too much, but staying focused and perform as planned.

Your best recipe to get motivated?

To create a WHY and do it together with people you like.

Why gear from CLN Athletics?

CLN offers functional sportswear with high quality. Not only is the fit great but I also love the design. I’m happy and proud to be wearing CLN Athletics!   

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