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Film and interview with Lukas Högberg

From where did you get your self-confidence?

I’ve got a really great team backing me up, and most of all I just love crossfit. Because of that I can easily get rid of hard pressure and things that others find tough, and therefore beat quite many. It’s common that many of my competitors puts out their records for everyone to see, which they’ve accomplished in their gyms back home. And when they leave their safe zone to come meet me face to face, they get scared. I am the one of the athletes who will make it, I’ve got routine and I know what I’m doing.

How did you prepare for Crossfit Games?

Swimming, running and some sort of heavy lifting are frequent in the competition, so I make sure to practice those by doing a lot of motions that covers many cross fit movements. I leave for the destination three weeks in advance, to get used to differences in time and temperature. We’re always training outside in the sun, and also take a sauna afterwards. When there’s only one week and a half left until competition, I cut down on the volume and exercise but keep up the intensity in order to recover properly.

Describe a day during Crossfit Games.

It’s extremely well planed. Martin Altemark sets my alarm: when to eat, drink and be on time for warm up. It’s important, so that I can focus on the really significant stuff. Mentally I’m just trying to lower my expectations, things may not always go the way you plan them to. And of course I make sure to have a lot of fun.

How is the atmosphere at the warm up zone, between you and your competitors?

It’s always really good. We just hang around all day: eating, sleeping and watching the games on the TV and so on. Keeping relaxing in focus and trying not to get stressed or anything. I’m especially close to the Europeans and the Americans, but everyone’s really nice.

In 2015 you accomplished a 30th place in the Games. This year you went to place 14. What did you do differently to last year?

Everything is about routines. To analyze, talk about how you think and what you’re doing. I also get really inspired by athletics. Even though we’re not doing the same exercises, I sort of get calm and safe when training in the same hall. And of course the sleep is really important. I sleep for like 10 hours a night. It may sound boring to others that I’m going to bed around 8 p.m., but with my motivation it’s not a problem. And this year everything was right. It’s important to understand just how good the world elite is. Even if you come in last place, you’re still a pro.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

The big goal is always Crossfit Games. I’m not even trying to peak off-season. Although, I am going to compete at the Alpha Games in Nice. I will also coach at Profitness Camp together with Peter Blaha. I’m thinking about moving to Dubai to both train and coach, but we’ll see.

And how about 2017?

We’ll bring even more people in to my team, a nutrition advisor for example. Other than that we’re not changing anything huge. Small changes to make sure my shape is getting as sharp as possible.

Why did you choose to be an ambassador for CLN Athletics?

I love the fact that it’s a Swedish brand. The most important thing is that I like the products, which I really do. I also estimate the value of great collaboration with the people behind the brand, that the chemistry is good and that we show humility to each other. Together we reinforce not only my name, but also CLN Athletics.

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