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Congratulations Joakim! How do you feel?

I feel good! I entered the competition as number 17, reached eighth place for a while and ended up in twelfth place. I’m very happy!

This was your first time entering the Games, what did you think?

 A truly awesome experience! It’s huge, the best athletes in the world are all gathered and everything is captured by the many TV-cameras. 

Did it give a taste for more?

Of course it would be great to experience it all again, meanwhile it requires so much of one. I will take a step back for now and just enjoy some rest.

Which event was the toughest, and the most fun?

The toughest event was during the "Bar Fights" event on Saturday, where my hands got really hurt. The most fun, on the other hand, was the very first event "Run Swim Run" where it went really well. I’m truly into running and I went first in the water, so it was great!

What’s next?

We’ll see! I will have a chat with my coach and get started on planning the future, but for now – two weeks of well needed rest! 

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