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Whatever challenge #1: Marcus Ericsson

First one out in Whatever challenge is our Swedish shooting star, Formula One driver Marcus Ericsson. He fell in love with go-kart as a 9-year-old, a love that would take him around the world - and to the world's most prestigious racing event: Formula 1.

Whatever challenge – describe your next challenge!    

It's definitely the current Formula 1 season, it's my fifth time and after a couple of tough years there are still many qualities that I have not yet shown. On the other hand, the conditions have never been better, with my team and the effort made by Alfa Romeo I'm more than ready.

Describe a regular training week! What kind of exercises do you focus on?   

Motorsport is much more about physics than many seem to believe. A race often extends for 2 hours, it includes high g forces and I'm on 75-80% in max pulse: it's tough! Therefore, I exercise six days a week and vary between fitness and strength exercises based on my body weight. It's about finding a good balance: being able to train hard but not to build too much muscles, I do not want to gain weight. I like CrossFit-inspired exercises!

F1 means extremely much travelling. How many travel days do you have in a year?  

It actually is about 260 days a year. Sometimes it feels like I'm living on an airplane!

How do you stay focused?  

It is mainly up to me and to live as healthy as possible. I focus on eating right, exercise hard and make sure to keep my mind on what’s important. In addition, my environment plays an important part, that I’m surrounded by good people.

What motivates you the most: realistic plans or bold dreams? 

To me it’s very important to dare to dream: I create high demands on myself and my goals are tough. Therefore, it's also important for me to have smaller, short-term goals that are easier to achieve. It encourages me.

Who inspires you? (Private, Public, Fictional) 

I am very interested in hockey, I practiced it until I was 15-16 years old and the breakpoint came when I had to choose between hockey and racing. A big role model is Peter Forsberg and if I had not chosen the motorsport, it is likely that I was to have stayed on the ice. In the motorsport, Michael Schumacher is obviously a role model and one of the reasons I dreamed and decided to become a racing driver.

What is it that you like about CLN Athletics products?  

They’re obviously really good-looking, but the most important thing for me is that the fit is good and that the garment is functional. In fact, I do not have a favourite piece, but wear and feel comfortable in almost anything from the collection.

Finally, what do you do when your motivation dips?   

I have two main tips that works for me almost every time. The first is that I am forcing myself to go to the gym, it always helps me. My second tip is to hang out with positive people who makes me happy!

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